Since day one, our founders’ goal, besides building an app, has been to deliver uncommon value. The way that we interpret and share that value, on a daily, micro level, is to make people happy. Making people happy is not just our favorite hashtag or an empty promise, it’s the guiding principle in every choice we make as a company. We want to make everyone happy, from our users level all the way up to our shareholders. If you ask any of our Customer Happiness Heroes what their job is, they will all reply “making people happy.” (As a side note: we tested this thesis and were correct.)

“Surprise and Delight” – And Then Do More

You are likely familiar with the term “surprise and delight,” as it relates to business. If you’re not, here’s a paraphrased explanation from “Companies introduce experiences that slide the dial from “mundane” to “awesome” … whether it’s in the form of a promotion or a streamlined way to interact or transact.” We all easily understand the concept that, when you receive a pleasant surprise, it makes you happy – and likely builds brand loyalty to the source. Have you ever had a restaurant manager kindly offer to buy you dinner or offered you a coupon for a free appetizer? Chances are very good you’ll dine at that restaurant again. Plenty of companies have wisely designed their marketing campaigns around S&D and have amassed loyal customers as a result. We work hard to make our user interface fun, exciting, easy to use, and enticing, so that users don’t come back just to play the lottery but because they love opening our app.

But, assuming that any company’s competitors are also trying to surprise and delight their audience, how does your company maintain and grow your client base at the same time? Be more surprising? More delightful than ever before? Every user experience has their limit, especially if your product or UI are “off” in any way. Eventually, the cool factor will wear off if the user experience is terrible.

All You Need Is Love

If making an app flashy and fun isn’t enough on its own, how do you pull together the complete package? Bring the focus back to the users themselves. Ironically, the secret to making users happy is to emphasize the humanity in technology. Our Customer Happiness team is expert at this, and knows how to do it better than anyone. Kristine and Melissa, some of our most experienced “Happiness Heroes” divulged their secrets. According to Kristine, “The secret to keeping our users happy is listening to them and sympathizing. I have also found that keeping a good line of communication and following up on issues makes them feel like they’re cared about. Even if an issue isn’t resolved yet, just letting them know, ‘We haven’t forgotten about you’ really helps.” Adds Melissa, “We put passion into helping our customers! It’s about really listening, problem-solving and considering all feedback, and making real connections.” A committed, caring team made up of real people – not recordings or phone answering services – to help real people is just one of the ways that we aim to make people happy. Mobile App Users

We are as imperfect as any other app or technology. While our team works tirelessly to close the gap, we rely on our softer skills to keep our users happy to come back and play again. And yes, we’ve been known to surprise and delight our users with the occasional free ticket 😉

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